Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

Providing interpretive education on wetlands and wildlife, panoramic views, water quality, weather, natural resource management, trails, bird watching, recreation, exhibits, displays and an eagles nest, Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a treasure of the Hillsboro community.

Oregon Butterfly Collection

Oregon Butterfly Collection

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, C. R. Crowe from Burns and numerous colleagues created an extensive butterfly collection.  The collection was eventually donated to the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve.  The full collection includes specimens from other parts of North America but emphasizes Oregon.

To make the collection accessible on the web, photographs were taken of boxes that contain Oregon specimens and catalogued by species. Below species are listed in order of family and subfamily.  The common name is given followed by the scientific Latin name in parens. Below the name are links
to each box that contains relevant specimens.  Focus on boxes that contain only a single species.  Boxes marked “(various)” contain various species where a) it was difficult to be certain of the identity of some specimens and b) the location of the specimen within the box is not indicated.  There were no examples for a few Oregon species.

Most browsers like Internet Explorer will display a downsized version of the entire photograph once it fully loads.  Move your cursor (+) to the butterfly you wish to view and click to enlarge it.  Use the scroll bars in the bottom and right margins to reposition your view.  Or click again to return to the downsized version and pick a new specimen to view.

Click on a link below to jump to the subfamily of interest: